Life Insurance: How The Medical Exam Can Affect Your Quote

Life insurance plans are rapidly gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Applying for a life insurance plan offers so many compelling benefits and it’s one thing that can balance out the unpredictability of everyone’s lives. It helps ensure your family and loved ones don’t go through any financial stress to add to the emotional stress they will encounter after you die. However, although it is inexpensive, life insurance plans don’t come easily. Rates that are offered don’t just vary amongst insurance providers, but vary amongst applicants as well.

This difference in rates is because insurers depend on an applicant’s high life expectancy to continue generating premiums. If the applicant poses a higher risk of dying too soon, then they charge higher premiums. Aside from checking the complete medical history of the applicant and the applicant’s family, insurers keep it mandatory that applicants go through a medical exam. The medical exam helps determine an applicant’s health status and what premiums they should charge on its basis. This is why it is important that you take certain measure to ace that exam.

Before a medical exam or test of any sort, make sure to stay away from any sugary foods or caffeine so that your results are accurate. Also, higher glucose levels can indicate signs of diabetes or prediabetes, which can lower chances of getting affordable rates. Avoid salt if possible, since it can increase blood pressure, which is a sign of cardiovascular diseases. If you haven’t guessed already, insurers will charge higher premiums if they think you’re at risk of heart-related problems. Refrain from tobacco use since any signs for that may put you off the list for Preferred Plus rates.

Preferred Plus programs give the best rates while Preferred, Select, and standard come further down respectively. Make sure you’re in good shape before the medical exam since BMI results can have an effect on the rates that you will be offered. For more information about life insurance and its medical exam, visit the HealthIQ website.